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Redeemer Baptist Church, Aurora, CO

I have known Wally Godby, Owner of Thunderstorm Roofing, for almost 25 years and I can attest to his personal and professional integrity and would recommend his services to anyone who needs to have their roof shingled. Fourteen years ago our church, Redeemer Baptist Church of Aurora built its first building using volunteer labor from all over the country. At that time, Wally Godby volunteered to shingle the entire 8,000 square foot building at no cost for his labor. We provided all the materials but he provided all the time, expertise and labor to accomplish the task. We were and still are thankful for the blessing his work provided for our church. Since that time, the roof has held up very well and we have had no leaks from the shingled areas which Wally covered.

Randy Sanders, DDS – Redeemer Baptist Church in Aurora, Colorado

This is Grandview Christian Camp in Eager, AZ.  As the buildings were built, Wally donated his time and expertise to provide the roofing for the buildings. Wally roofed the camp director’s home and one of the cabins. These photos are taken from the trip Wally and his son Wesley and two others from the church roofed the two remaining buildings for the camp.

Grandview Christian Camp in Eager, AZ

My name is Brian Olsen. In 2010 I was in a youth camp staff position where I was helping oversee a volunteer project in the mountains of Arizona. One of the challenges we faced was finding someone to install the roofs for the new camper cabins that we were building. When Wally Godby found out about the need, he came down from Denver, Colorado; with a crew of guys and helped install roofs on our cabins at NO cost. He and his crew did an incredible job and did it in a very short time frame. I would highly recommend him and his company for you or your organization for any roofing needs that you may have!

Brian Olsen, Staff Member – Grandview Christian Camp

Wings as Eagles Ministry, Mission trip to Uranium City, Canada


Sharing the memory, by Kenny Godby (Wally’s son):

As a young boy, I saw my dad, Wally Godby, not only work hard to provide for his family, but I also saw and learned the importance of using the abilities God has given us to help others when we are able.  I remember going with my dad on two trips where we did just that.  The first was when we got on a small plane with several other men all with various construction skills and flew to Canada to help build and roof a small addition on a church building.  The second was a cross country drive from Denver to a suburb of Pittsburg to help with some construction needs that a church had, including a new roof.  I have learned much from my dad, but one of the greatest is to help others when see a need and to do it without expecting compensation.


Helping A Widow in Need

A number of years ago, I became aware of a young widow who needed a major roof replacement (including the plywood base).  Overwhelmed by the enormity of the project I asked Wally if he could help and he jumped right on it.  He was able to secure some donations of money and the materials needed.  We were able to put together a team of volunteer workers and got the job done.  Because of Wally’s efforts both in getting donations and working with, teaching and overseeing the work, the job was completed without cost to the widow.  In fact there was extra money that she was able to use to get some other needed repairs done.  Wally’s can do spirit, connections and knowledge was what was needed.

Jeff Turner

thunderstorm-roofing-charity-Uranium City Canada (1) (2)

Wally Godby and his son Kenny took a mission trip to Uranium City, Canada with the Wings as Eagles Ministry to donate their time and expertise to a much needed roofing project. This is the first of many missions trip that Wally and the Godby family have participated in.

Ambassador Baptist College, Lattimore, NC

In 2003, my dad and I helped to transform a flat roof on the classroom building at Ambassador Baptist College in North Carolina.  An ice storm had damaged the existing roof and ruined several classrooms.  The maintenance team had the roof pitched and decked with plywood before my dad and I drove 24 hours from Denver, Colorado to Lattimore, North Carolina.  We pulled in at lunch time and immediately started working.  We labored hard for two days, completing the shingling project just before another big storm rolled in.  Over the next four years, my brother and I went on to help roof three other buildings as students at the college.

Andrea Hamilton, (Wally Godby’s daughter)

American Flagpole Special Offer

As an 8 ½ year veteran of the United States Air Force, one of the things that gives me more pride than anything, is to watch the flag that I proudly served to protect, wafting in the wind on the flagpole in front of my home.

With patriotism back at its highest levels in America in a very long time, I want to help encourage this by offering an Uncommon USA 16’ telescoping flagpole to any customer who has Thunderstorm Roofing install a complete new roof.

These flagpoles are proudly made in the USA.  Because they are telescopic, there are no ropes to clang around in the wind.  They come with a 3’x5’ US nylon flag, but have a double mast flag harness so that a second flag can be added by you, the homeowner, at any time.  The double flag harness also allows you to easily fly the US flag at half mast when needed.  Uncommon USA also offers a solar LED light that can be added to the top of the flagpole for nighttime lighting (I will provide ordering information for this).

If you, the homeowner and customer of Thunderstorm Roofing, would like to add this beautiful flagpole to your home, I will even install it for you wherever you wish.

Thank you for helping this veteran to keep patriotism alive and well in the greatest country on the earth, The United States of America.

Wally Godby